I’ve Done Stuff!!

Not much, and certainly not on here.

So it’s again been a long time since I blogged about anything, but hopefully that should change in the next few days and then back again for the year or so. Some interesting stuff has happened to me in the last year, although most of it in the last couple of weeks.

I bought a house, well kind of. I’m buying a flat, and I’ve exchanged so there’s no going back now for either me or the seller. Completion is on the 24th Jan 2014 so, in a week Friday, I get the keys and I can go about arranging a new boiler, possibly new central heating, a new kitchen, furniture, and the pieces I’m really looking forward to, a new big screen TV and if I can be bothered, a coffee table with a touch screen in. Well I need a remote for the TV right?

Another thing that happened, in the last year is I’ve been looking into Bitcoin. Pointless I know, but I’m solo mining using a 2GigaHash/s device (given the network is currently running at 1.8 PetaHash/s I will take on average 10 years to hash a block with no difficultly increase). I first saw Bitcoin years ago but never put any stock in it, sure wish I had now, but I was too young to make that sort of a decision/purchase. A colleague at work reminded me of it in August last year and shitting hell I wish I had gotten into it then, £100 per BTC jumping to over £1000 in a few months. Oh well, water under the bridge. I’ve got a little bit to say on Bitcoin that should probably go in another post so later for more… maybe.

And the last thing I did of significance is decided I want to row around the equator. Not literally obviously, there’s a lot of land in the way, but figuratively. I figure there’s only 40,000 km of it, shouldn’t take that long right? Hopefully my rowing machine can cope with that sorta millage, you’d think it would. I’ve come up with an ingenious way to break it down and see progress on it and hopefully I can document it reasonably well too.

Other little things have happened, I bought a ps4, I’m not buying an Xbox One, I’ve decided PC games are the way forward. I got introduced to World of Warcraft and rapidly got bored, I think it’s a more communal experience not so much with randoms on the servers but with people you actually know but the only person I know on there is already a high level and is too busy with that.

Oh, one last thing. I googled this blog today, got to page 11 without seeing a single link, which is understandable it’s all pretty common usage words, lose one and it’s a very common phrase. The interesting part though, one picture of my GameCube project is always getting spam, hundreds of messages of it, searching “Gamecube fan subassembly” and there it is, images search result No. 1, no idea why but apparently that picture is popular somewhere, who knew.