Triumphant Return to Greenest

So last week (well last game session from this one) the players left off in the middle of fighting Langdedrosa and having him squarely on the back foot. Again I’m writing this long after the actual session so may not 100% recall the session).

Top of initiative was the fighter, he hit, finally. Langdedrosa was dead. To be honest, whoever hit him next was going to kill him, I was already over his max HP even if I gave him two extra HD (he had defeated the players twice after all and lead the sacking of Greenest, he should have levelled up). The players were easily able to now pick of the last Beserker and Cult Fanatic, and since they were blocking the only escape routes they weren’t going to be able to run.

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Return to Castle Cyanwrath

Ok, so it’s a cave, not a castle. This week I found out a lot of my players might be unavailable so I quickly wrote up a side quest I’d be planning to put in anyway but I knew I could scale it either way pretty easily. Luckily my party decided they wanted another go at the Half Dragon, or rather the Fighter immediately suggested they go back to the cave.

So after a few minutes of re-drawing out the dungeon, I described the camp was still deserted, the cave was still dark, however, now there was a makeshift barricade between the mushroom farm and the Stirge lair. The players hadn’t approached any of this stealthily so I didn’t roll for the Cultists to notice them coming, these guys are now somewhat on edge having their ranks thinned significantly.

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A Risky Spot for a Nap.

A little late, because at this point we’ve played a session where I was player and one another where I was DM, but two weeks ago I ran D&D. It was… under whelming.

I probably should have anticipated that given what the players had done so far. The players had their long rest, and throughout it I gave them opportunities to engage in the machination around them but they didn’t. First the Elf Rouge had a perception check to notice two Kobolds scurrying across the raised walkway above them. (A recap, the players were resting in a large pit in the cave secured and purposed to contain Guard Drakes in training, and had locked themselves into it). I think he failed that, or maybe he got close so I said he heard some noise off in the darkness, either way he made no follow up.

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Two rooms.

So another session down, my players didn’t really make much progress through the dungeon, I had envisioned the possibility of clearing the place in one session. After the last session I had decided to break the remaining encounters into two rooms. Kobolds and Guard drakes, then the remaining humanoids, a couple of Kobolds from the egg chamber and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the blue half dragon, in a further chamber.

The players started looking at the options branching from the stirge lair, a corridor to the left, an open room dead ahead and a staircase leading down to the right. The Rouge and Fighter headed down the corridor, searching for traps luckily and found the spike pit leading to the next chamber. I described the large area below them with steps surrounded by a metal cage with a door wide open at the bottom. From above the two of them saw the training equipment and straw bedding and judged it correctly as a training area for the guard drakes.

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Mushrooms and Blood Suckers

Wednesday night I ran D&D again with the party delving deeper into this cave they found at the back of the abandoned Dragon Cult camp. After the successful battle of the previous session the party tried to take a long rest in the barracks of the guards they had just dispatched. I knew this was their plan from the previous session and didn’t think it a brilliant idea. Resting in a dungeon shouldn’t be anyway but where a contingent of had fled through a secret passage (which the party had found) and circling around behind them maybe should have clued them into the rest of the dungeon being aware of their presence.

There had to be an interruption, there was no way that the enemies in the bottom of the dungeon would ignore this insurgence and so I rolled for random encounters in the night, percentile below 30% (why I have no idea, I could have just rolled a d10 below 3), only one came up. I rolled for a group off of the dungeon’s random encounter chart, didn’t like it to bolstered it up with some additional units. Since the players were expecting an ambush I slipped in that if the melee characters dealt with threats in the night the spell casters would be able to get their 8 hours.

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What’s down that corridor?

“Well why don’t you go down there and find out?” comes the reply. So happily the squishy tiefling warlock strolls casually down the corridor, and at the end, 13 cultists. A good initiative roll and smart choice in spell blocked off the threat for a moment and that was it for the session.

I’ve been running Tyranny of Dragons D&D 5E campaign for some friends in my local game store. We’ve been playing 3.5 in someone else’s homebrew world and they need a few weeks off to prep so I offered to run a quick one shot in 5E which ended up being a 3(?) week dungeon crawl, apparently five rooms was way too many. So now we play alternating weeks and I’ve been thinking of keeping track of what happens in each session somewhere, here is as good as anywhere.

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