Dry spell

Successful blogging… yeah. So I’ve not really had anything worth blogging about lately, I’ve not had any enthusiasm for anything. I was looking at writing a Minecraft server/client, but the latest update implements a load of stuff I was planning on implementing to make my server worth using and it’s kinda killed what little drive I had to do it. The Gamecube project kinda got rail-roaded by my getting pissed off with using my laptop on the floor and having no furniture in my house so I have no where to do it now due to the level of crap on my only table.

In better news though I have a new job to start next week, beaming films into cinemas from space! At least it sounds more epic like that, I’m moving to another form of support, but hopefully more enjoyable and with a much bigger pay cheque which is not half bad. This weekend I’m being taken to look at houses which is a bit of a weird thing for me. My Dad’s bank pension is being paid out and he’s giving me some money towards a house which is awesome and mortgages work out much cheaper than rent it seems.

Hopefully after this week I’ll be able to do something constructive in my spare time, rather than playing Minecraft. Our server is pretty epic though even if I do spend far too long on there. View a map here!