Mushrooms and Blood Suckers

Wednesday night I ran D&D again with the party delving deeper into this cave they found at the back of the abandoned Dragon Cult camp. After the successful battle of the previous session the party tried to take a long rest in the barracks of the guards they had just dispatched. I knew this was their plan from the previous session and didn’t think it a brilliant idea. Resting in a dungeon shouldn’t be anyway but where a contingent of had fled through a secret passage (which the party had found) and circling around behind them maybe should have clued them into the rest of the dungeon being aware of their presence.

There had to be an interruption, there was no way that the enemies in the bottom of the dungeon would ignore this insurgence and so I rolled for random encounters in the night, percentile below 30% (why I have no idea, I could have just rolled a d10 below 3), only one came up. I rolled for a group off of the dungeon’s random encounter chart, didn’t like it to bolstered it up with some additional units. Since the players were expecting an ambush I slipped in that if the melee characters dealt with threats in the night the spell casters would be able to get their 8 hours.

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