A Risky Spot for a Nap.

A little late, because at this point we’ve played a session where I was player and one another where I was DM, but two weeks ago I ran D&D. It was… under whelming.

I probably should have anticipated that given what the players had done so far. The players had their long rest, and throughout it I gave them opportunities to engage in the machination around them but they didn’t. First the Elf Rouge had a perception check to notice two Kobolds scurrying across the raised walkway above them. (A recap, the players were resting in a large pit in the cave secured and purposed to contain Guard Drakes in training, and had locked themselves into it). I think he failed that, or maybe he got close so I said he heard some noise off in the darkness, either way he made no follow up.

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Two rooms.

So another session down, my players didn’t really make much progress through the dungeon, I had envisioned the possibility of clearing the place in one session. After the last session I had decided to break the remaining encounters into two rooms. Kobolds and Guard drakes, then the remaining humanoids, a couple of Kobolds from the egg chamber and Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the blue half dragon, in a further chamber.

The players started looking at the options branching from the stirge lair, a corridor to the left, an open room dead ahead and a staircase leading down to the right. The Rouge and Fighter headed down the corridor, searching for traps luckily and found the spike pit leading to the next chamber. I described the large area below them with steps surrounded by a metal cage with a door wide open at the bottom. From above the two of them saw the training equipment and straw bedding and judged it correctly as a training area for the guard drakes.

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