Triumphant Return to Greenest

So last week (well last game session from this one) the players left off in the middle of fighting Langdedrosa and having him squarely on the back foot. Again I’m writing this long after the actual session so may not 100% recall the session).

Top of initiative was the fighter, he hit, finally. Langdedrosa was dead. To be honest, whoever hit him next was going to kill him, I was already over his max HP even if I gave him two extra HD (he had defeated the players twice after all and lead the sacking of Greenest, he should have levelled up). The players were easily able to now pick of the last Beserker and Cult Fanatic, and since they were blocking the only escape routes they weren’t going to be able to run.

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Return to Castle Cyanwrath

Ok, so it’s a cave, not a castle. This week I found out a lot of my players might be unavailable so I quickly wrote up a side quest I’d be planning to put in anyway but I knew I could scale it either way pretty easily. Luckily my party decided they wanted another go at the Half Dragon, or rather the Fighter immediately suggested they go back to the cave.

So after a few minutes of re-drawing out the dungeon, I described the camp was still deserted, the cave was still dark, however, now there was a makeshift barricade between the mushroom farm and the Stirge lair. The players hadn’t approached any of this stealthily so I didn’t roll for the Cultists to notice them coming, these guys are now somewhat on edge having their ranks thinned significantly.

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