What really gets me out of bed in the morning…


Basically, nothing. It’s not that I dislike getting up, I just have no reason to. This is probably my biggest problem in life, motivation. I have none, well except for the starting a project motivation, the one that fades away after the first few days/failed attempts.

Projects are awesome, not like Barney Stinson awesome, but they’re up there somewhere. I have within a few meters of me at least the beginnings of 4 projects I’ve started over the years. Behind my laptop is the MIMO USB touch screen I bought shortly after deciding I was going to build a car PC and software, I had it all worked out too with GPS, music, phone intergration, wireless syncing, etc, etc. But it never really got much further than that, till about 9 months ago when I bought a 300 quid microITX computer that would run off a 12V supply… and thats where that stalled again, I got it up and running, had debian running on it with the little screen, played about with synergy for a bit, then got bored and its just be collecting dust ever since.

So now I’ve decided I need to take these things more seriously, I’ve invested stupid amounts of money into some things for no real reason and have got bored of them pretty quickly, my mini, this blog/site thing. Well not so much the mini, I had to start working which buggered that up but that’s another story. Anyway, main point of all this, I was planning on making soemthing in the vein of this.

Now what I really like about this one over the hundreds out there, is that it still feels like an N64, I look at it and think that’s an N64, not, that’s the insides of an N64 stuffed into a lunch box. I don’t know what it is about it, but when I see that, I still see an N64, even though it clearly isn’t anymore. So in that vein I decided, a while back now, I think it was early last summer, to do a similar project, only with a different console. The GameCube.

What I think makes the GameCube such a good console for this is it was always designed to be portable… sort of. It’s small, robust, has a handle and most importantly, the games are mostly games you want to play with a group of people. This, I think, is where Nintendo were cornering the market, whilst Sony and Microsoft were fighting it out for the super intense, real life graphic, n00b pawning action in the on-line fps market, Nintendo were dominating the multi-player and casual gamer market with first the GameCube and then the Wii. Unfortunately they seemed to have turned back on this and tried to head into the serious gamer market, which to be honest, they were never that far out of with series like Metroid and Zelda.

But I digress, Portable Friggin’ GameCube, it’s going to be intense, watch this space…. well no, watch above because that’s where anything will be posted not in the whitespace following that statement.