Socks, WTF

Seriously, WTF is with socks. They never pair, I have a pile of unmatched socks and there’s no second sock to go with any of them. At all. It’s not like I’ve found an odd sock and thrown it away, that’s what the pile is for. Still, every month it gets bigger even though there’s nowhere for the socks to have gone. I’m always having to buy more socks so I have pairs but since I don’t throw any away where are the others going?

I can only assume there is an evil cartel between sock and washing machine manufacturers to have the washing machine completely destroy socks on occasion so you always have to buy new socks and so endlessly fuelling the capitalist machine, or something like that anyway. So after I’ve done my washing tomorrow and searched this entire house/flat/duplex thing for any sock I can find, 20 odd socks are going in the bin. I will have only pairs, and only socks without holes in. More than likely I will be buying a new pack of socks by the end of the week when I run out.

On anther note, successful blogging here, 6 months between posting. See you in August I guess!