Putting a Bun in the Oven… and 7 more

Had to.

Anyway, I baked some rolls today, and learnt some important lessons.

So, pretty epic eh?

Anyway, I wanted to make rolls because I cannot find, anywhere I’ve spent the time to look, crusty rolls. They always sell these nasty, solid, soft outer rolls that I don’t like. My issue with rolls is theres too much bread, so a nice crusty shell sorta breaks it up a bit, that and light and airy inside is good too.

Unfortunately these rolls didn’t go super well. Well they are pretty epic, I just had some kitchen equipment issues. So lessons learnt:

Lesson 1: I really need to clean my oven… its not that its really dirty, theres just some oil/fat/something at the bottom that vaporises when I cook anything in there, probably because I never really use a baking tray, which leads onto…

Lesson 2: I need baking trays if I’m going to keep baking stuff, also for pizzas and other things too. I spent maybe 30 minutes today cleaning the wire racks in the oven because I don’t have baking trays to put the rolls on, and it’s not the best thing ever to use for this reason:

Yeah, so bread dough on a rack tend to sorta fall through and re-form on the other side, I had to pull some of the rolls off and push others back through the gaps… good thing i cleaned them pretty well.

Lesson 3: Ovens get really hot, my right hand is killing me from stupid burns. I managed to get one at work when i decided to catch a soldering iron, but that wasn’t too bad, in the fleshy bit of the palm by your thumb. But picking up a hot wire rack with a tea towel, not good. The tea towel was damp, folded up lots and I still managed to quite badly burn my middle finger and thumb on my right hand.

Lesson 4: My cooking is amazing.
Well not so much a lesson, I already knew this, but it can be a lesson for you. Don’t be taking me on in the kitchen, my food is epic even when I fuck it up… maybe even especially when I mess it up… maybe not that last one.