Some thoughts on layout

So bread took up most of today. Scratch that, sleep, not being arsed to get out of bed and bread took up most of today. In that order. Decreasing order.

But, I did do some thinking about how I’m going to lay out this portable GameCube. My vision of what it should look like is something like this image on the right, and I think its going to be pretty close.

Some rough estimates look like I should be able to get another 2 battery packs in there so 9.6Ah * 3 = 28.8Ah? Should be good anyway, the GameCube power supply says 3.25A at 12V so should be looking at around 8-9 hours battery life, which in all honesty, is pretty good but that doesn’t take into account the LCD.

Still it is going to be pretty bulky and these extra battery packs are really just there because there is going to be space. Issue is, I really want it to have the disc drive central on the back. Sorta like the… well completely like the PSP did, essentially this is what I’m aiming for. That’s what takes up the space, clearly if I put the disc drive to one side and just had the one battery it’d be only just bigger than the screen.

Anyway as you can see from the photo it’s going to be a little… wide, especially with the controller halfs on the sides. Not too bad though, its about 2 inches either side of the screen before the controller and it does allow for the extra batterys. Biggest bonus though is its going to be pretty thin… comparatively, not much more than the controller, this was my biggest fear initially that you’d have the controller and about 3 inches back from that as more case.

As an aside of sorts I found a while back something I’m really not trying to make: The Ccube. The successor to that actually looks pretty swish, if a bit pricey at 800-1000USD (I assume US) seeing as you can pick up everything I’ve got for under 100 quid and my battery life is going to be excessively more than that one’s.